Welcome to FitXtreme

Welcome to Fit X-Treme Gym and Fitness Centre. Finally a gym where everyone feels welcome and accepted, where every single member is taken care of and treated with the utmost care. At Fit X-Treme you have not just joined another gym, you have joined a family of staff and gym members who all have the same goal in mind to help you reach your fitness goals.

Upon signing up at Fit X-Treme we will start you off with a full body assessment and supply you with a tailored training program that will suit your needs. We also take you through all the equipment and apparatus providing you with a complimentary introductory training session to ensure you are comfortable and know how to use the gym equipment effectively.

We are dedicated and love seeing the results in our members. We are open 7 days a week, our pricing is designed to allow for the whole family to be able to afford to gym, tone, lose weight, build muscle and keep fit.

Thumbs Up!

Fit-Xtreme Randburg is such a beautiful gym that services all my needs and more

by Robert

Great personal trainers

by Kenneth

Thanks to the new private training area, I finally found a gym that I can feel comfortable training without being watched

by Christene